6 Women Immigrant Artists Reflect On Belonging And Home

“Reflections on Home,” an exhibit that just opened in Oakland, CA, features the work of 19 women immigrant artists, each expressing their reflections on home and belonging. As immigration becomes increasingly prevalent in the national conversation, especially for people of color living in the US, …


Leva Zand’s ARTogether Heals, Supports Refugees

Leva Zand is not an artist. But the healing, unifying power of the arts has always been obvious to her. The struggles and trauma her family experienced in their refugee journey from Iran in 2004, when she was 23, were far from unique, she knew…


Hewlett Foundation Announces $1.5 Million in Grants for New Dance Works

Three years ago, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced the Hewlett 50 Arts Commission, a major five-year, $8 million initiative to commission “50 exceptional works of performing arts.” Each year since, the foundation has awarded 10 grants to Bay Area nonprofits that work with artists for the creation of new works….


Center for Craft Award 

The Afghan Women’s Craft Circle formed to create a safe community space for Afghan refugees living in Oakland, bonding through shared backgrounds and skills in craft….