A Call to Honor Artist Contracts and Support Artists

It is easy to feel helpless in times of crisis. With most non-essential activities suspended, isolation is growing, and many of us are looking for new ways to reach out and feel connected to the world.

We at ARTogether have always greatly valued community, and it has been important to us over the last few days, to honor our commitments to our community members. Even though all ARTogether classes and workshops have been suspended, we have paid out all contracts to our artists and teachers. And now, we implore you, in your capacity as an individual or an organization, to do the same.

Many artists function as members of the gig economy, and make their living based on individual contracts. If you have hired an artist for a now cancelled event, please consider paying them in full if you can afford it. The next few weeks and months are going to be challenging, and test our resilience and our compassion. We hope, if you are able, that you will honor your contracts, pay your artists, photographers, teachers and support those around you.

For those able to go a step further, ARTogether is creating an Emergency Relief Fund for artists who have lost incomes and are most vulnerable. We ask you to donate if you are able.

We hope that in times of difficulty, our bonds of community are strengthened, not weakened. And so we reach out to you, to join us, even in times of physical separation, to build our community together.

Stay safe, and stay connected,

Leva Zand
Executive Director

Link to Emergency Relief Fund for Artists:


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