Acknowledgment of Place

ARTogether is based in the Bay Area, the occupied, ancestral lands of the Ohlone people, who have stewarded and honored this land throughout generations and are still here.  We acknowledge the ongoing legacies of violence against indigenous communities and people of color in this country that provide a context for our work.

About ARTogether

Our Mission

ARTogether’s mission is to provide art programs that foster compassionate communities where refugees and immigrants can flourish.

Our Vision – For refugees and immigrants moving to the United States, the journey has just begun. ARTogether offers programs that reach out to refugees and immigrants, providing welcoming, creative spaces for local refugees and immigrants to connect with their community. Our goal is to build communities and promote long-term prosperity for refugees and immigrants, even after assistance from initial government and NGO resettlement programs has ceased. For these programs, art is our social glue, its universality binding us all together.

Art plays a special role in the refugee community. It invites conversation, laughter, storytelling and a sense of belonging. At the community level, it has a unique ability to bring people together, to draw together people from different backgrounds and forge connections through creativity and self-expression. Finally, art transcends the spoken word, allowing people to communicate and express themselves without the burden of language barriers.

What We Offer

ARTogether’s programs are designed to foster:

  • Fellowship, familiarity, and belonging through inclusive community activities, including art workshops, after-school art classes, and art-centered social gatherings.
  • Economic prosperity for refugee artists, by promoting artists and their artwork, collaborating on community art projects, developing art portfolios, and employing artists as art educators in our workshops.
  • A deeper and more tolerant understanding of refugees and refugee issues, fighting misinformation through cross-cultural educational programs, in-the-classroom lesson plans, teacher training programs, public art events and promoted media projects.
For more information on our programs and our approach toward building more inclusive communities for refugees and immigrants, please see our Theory of Change below.

ARTogether Team

Leva Zand
Executive Director
Miles Markstein
Development Director
Polina Marso
Program Assistant
Nick Kanozik
Music and Artistic Director
Michelle Lin
Project Coordinator
Ryan Samn
Project Coordinator
Suriya Shuhrat
Creative Director
Hannah Jeffers
Project Coordinator
Goli Hashemi
Community Wellness Program Director

Board of Directors

Celeste Tretto
Board Chair
Kellianne Craig
Board Secretary
Jennifer Brown
Board Treasurer
Goli Hashemi
Tal Ariel
Piyali Samanta
Mohita Iyer
Anita Fong

Our Community Partners

To better serve our community and reach out to new refugee and immigrant communities, we partner with a number of organizations that already offer a spectrum of vital services to these communities. Below are some of our strongest partners, both past and present.

More About ARTogether

For more in-depth information about ARTogether and its programs, please see our annual reports and our monthly newsletter below.

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