ARTogether's Mini-Grants for Artists

Edward Gunawan, Mini-Grant Recipient: "Project: Press Play"

ARTogether’s monthly Mini-Grants for Bay Area refugee and immigrant artists awards $500 for artists for work on an ongoing art project. Grant funds may be used for artist supplies, equipment, costumes or to pay for editing or other professional work.

  • Preference will be given to refugee artists, full-time artists and to projects which are beyond the development stage.
  • Applications will be received on an ongoing basis. Awards will be announced on the 25th of each month.
  • If you have applied once and do not receive the grant that month, you do not need to apply again next month. We will consider all applications from all previous months each time we make a selection.
  • Each artist may only receive the grant once.
  • Artists must provide a follow-up to tell us how the money was spent and where the project has reached, 3 months after receiving the grant.
  • Artists should be willing to share a story about their life and work, which ARTogether will use for social media, newsletters, etc. The artist can choose to share their name and identity, so we can promote their work, or to remain anonymous.