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February 2024: News from ARTogether
January 2024: News from ARTogether


November 2023: News from ARTogether
March 2023: Happy Spring!
February 2023: February Newsletter


September 2022: September Newsletter
August 2022: August Newsletter
July 2022: July Newsletter
June 2022: June Newsletter
May 2022: Spring News
January 2022: Our Annual Report


December 2021: ARTogether Has a New Home

October 2021: Introducing ARTogether’s Member Artists 2021-2022

August 2021: Response to Recent Events in Afghanistan

July 2021: The Country Reopening; Get Vaccinated!

June 2021: Happy 4th Birthday, ARTogether!

June 2021: World Refugee Day and ARTogether’s Birthday

May 2021: Highlighting our Board Members Who Teach

March 2021: International Women’s Day

March 2021: The ARTogether Family is Growing

February 2021: Overlap Exhibition


October 2020: Art to Wash Away the Election Anxiety ?
July 2020: EATogether
June 2020: #InUnison Fundraising Campaign
June 2020: Happy World Refugee Day
June 2020: Some Good News to Share
June 2020: Racial Justice
April 2020: Join Our Boards of Directors
April 2020: Thank You For Your Contribution to our Artist Fund
March 2020: A Night of Community
March 2020: A Call to Honor Artist Contracts and Support Artists
March 2020: New Events, New Support, and an Exciting New Art Exhibition
February 2020: Exhibition News: Save the Date
January 2020: January Newsletter


November 2019: Giving Tuesday!
November 2019: Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2019: Reflection On Home; Call for Artists
September 2019: September Newsletter
September 2019: You Are Invited: A Tribute to a Resilient Community
August 2019: August Newsletter
August 2019: Summer is not Over Yet!
July 2019: July Newsletter
July 2019: First Friday Festival!
July 2019: Save the Date!
June 2019: We Are Two Years Old!
June 2019: Shadow and Light Exhibition
May 2019: May Newsletter
April 2019: April Newsletter
March 2019: March Newsletter
March 2019: New Items in Our Store!
February 2019: February Newsletter
February 2019: Love is in the Air!
January 2019: January Newsletter


December 2018: Happy New Year!
November 2018: November Newsletter
November 2018: Giving Tuesday
November 2018: ARTogether’s Shop Opening!
October 2018: October Newsletter
September 2018: Art, Community, Coffee
June 2018: Our First Birthday!
April 2018: We Do Act Locally!

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