Artist Growth

"Creation is an act of healing that forges new paths and possibilities, for our individual selves, our communities, our traditions—and for survival itself."

ARTogether’s Artists Growth program supports the professional development and growth of first and second generation refugee and immigrant artists by offering mentorship, networking opportunities, career resources, and funding, empowering them to thrive in their artistic careers and contribute to the broader creative community. In all of our work, we center the artists, their wellness and their dreams.

We collaborate with artists to identify the needs they have in project or professional development, and provide support through the following:

Project Support & Coordination
Including fiscal sponsorship, mini-grant program, administrative and logistical support for exhibitions and programs.

Artist Opportunities
Creating and identifying opportunities for artists to become community educators, leaders, teaching artists, and performers.

Community Building
Including Membership program, artist meet-ups, our mentorship program for artists, and more.

If you are an artist and want to connect with our programs, please fill out the Artist Questionnaire below and we’ll connect with you soon. If you have any other questions please contact Michelle Lin, Artist Growth Program Director, at

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