The ARTogether Center in downtown Oakland serves as a cultural center, community hub, and exhibition venue for Bay Area refugee and immigrant artists. The Gallery exhibits quarterly solo and group shows, with a particular focus on talented and skilled artists who have historically lacked access and resources to share their own work. Our exhibitions connect artists to their audiences and their community by creating a platform for their art and their stories. 


Located at 1200 Harrison St. in Oakland, CA

Gallery Hours

By appointment only, when there is a current show.

Please contact us before your visit to confirm.

Call for Proposals

The ARTogether Center is reviewing proposals for solo and group exhibitions in 2023. Please review the following before submitting your proposal. 

  • Applicant/Curator must be a refugee, immigrant, child of immigrants/refugees, or can demonstrate existing commitment to working closely with these communities.

  • Applicant/Curator must be based in the Bay Area.

  • We encourage proposals from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ curators and artists.

  • For solo shows: Priority will be given to artists who have not had a solo exhibition in the U.S. in the past.
    • For group shows:

      • A minimum of half the proposed artists must identify as refugee, immigrant, or children of immigrants/refugees.

      • ARTogether will provide one $500 curator stipend for group exhibition planning. We are actively fundraising to expand our support for this program.

    • Exhibitions must be 1-2 months long within the months of June, August through December 2023. Please submit your application at least two months before the proposed exhibition dates.

    • Proposals will not be judged based on the writing and English proficiency, but on the content of the application.

  • We strongly recommend visiting The ARTogether Center to understand the space and possibilities for activation before submitting your proposal. Please reach out to us to schedule an appointment, or come to an upcoming event.

COVID-19 Safety

ARTogether Center abides by the COVID-19 safety regulations set by the city of Oakland. At this time, we are not requiring masks indoors, although masks and COVID-19 tests will be available on site. Participants who experience COVID-19 symptoms, or test positive for COVID-19, should not visit the gallery until they test negative.


ARTogether Center is located on the ground level with a single entrance door accessible from the sidewalk. There are two accessible bathrooms on the ground level of the building, each with a single stall and an accessible stall. Please reach out to with your needs.

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