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KQED: Clarion Alley ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ Mural Keeps Focus on Iran

NOVEMBER 5, 2022 – Earlier this week, after a brief rain in San Francisco’s Mission District, the sun appeared on Clarion Alley where a small team of women were brushing green paint on the top of a “Women, Life, Freedom” mural. The green, red and white of Iran’s flag served as the backdrop to the drawing of a woman cutting her ponytail with scissors — one of the many iconic images emerging from Iran in the past several weeks. This

The Oaklandside: Refugees feel the pull and push of Oakland

By Robin Buller  July 29, 2022  –  In 2012, Robin Gurung left Eastern Nepal for Oakland, where he joined a community of several thousand Bhutanese refugees living in the city. Gurung spent the first two decades of his life in a Bhutanese refugee camp. Born in 1988, he was just three years old when his family was displaced from their native country alongside 100,000 other members of the Lhotshampa minority.  In Oakland, Gurung was encouraged by the city’s diversity. “You do feel

A Call to Honor Artist Contracts and Support Artists

It is easy to feel helpless in times of crisis. With most non-essential activities suspended, isolation is growing, and many of us are looking for new ways to reach out and feel connected to the world. We at ARTogether have always greatly valued community, and it has been important to us over the last few days, to honor our commitments to our community members. Even though all ARTogether classes and workshops have been suspended, we have paid out all contracts

Forbes – Six Women Immigrant Artists Reflect On Belonging And Home

By MeiMei Fox, NY Times Bestselling Author for Forbes   Mar 2, 2020 –  “Reflections on Home,” an exhibit that just opened in Oakland, CA, features the work of 19 women immigrant artists, each expressing their reflections on home and belonging. As immigration becomes increasingly prevalent in the national conversation, especially for people of color living in the US, these visual artists are making their roots known. Their aim is to challenge the notion that immigrants and second-generation citizens are

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