Dawn: A Musical Journey

ARTogether’s Music Scholarship program is a unique opportunity for youth from refugee and immigrant families to pursue a career in music. Launched in 2020, the Music Scholarship provides one-on-one support, music lessons, and mentorship to musically talented high school students, helping them to pursue admission at university music programs, music-based scholarships, and providing a pathway for students aspiring to play and perform music professionally.

The first recipient of our Music Scholarship program in 2020 was JiaYing. ARTogether worked closely with Oakland International High School student and aspiring musician JiaYing to help her learn, explore, and eventually compose her own musical piece. This is  video about her story, and her experience hearing her music played live by Bay Area musicians, is documented in the video below. Today, JiaYing is enrolled in San Jose State University and pursuing a major in Music Composition.

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