Edward Gunawan

Artist Statement

Edward Gunawan integrates creative elements from the cinematic, literary, visual, and performing art traditions to tell community-rooted impact-driven stories.

A queer immigrant from Indonesia and of Chinese heritage, he grew up in Singapore and has worked in Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Not surprisingly, his transnational work often interrogates notions of power and status, (in)visibility and displacement, as well as healing and belonging. He now resides on Ohlone land, also known as Oakland, CA.


Edward Gunawan is a transnational writer and interdisciplinary filmmaker. 

He first honed his storytelling craft on theater stages across Southern California before working as writer, producer, actor, and director on over 25 short and feature films that were screened in international film festivals such as Berlin, Torino, and Cadence.

The creator of an award-winning mental health webcomic Press Play (translated into 6 languages including Chinese and Spanish, and published as a chapbook), Edward has also shared his essays, poems, and short stories in Jakarta Post, Sweet Lit, and queer anthology Intimate Strangers.

He was a fellow at Torino Film Lab, Berlinale Talents, Hawai’i Creative Lab, Busan’s Asian Film Academy, Talents Tokyo, and Film Independent’s Project:Involve. As the featured film artist for Kearny Street Workshop’s 2021 APAture multidisciplinary arts festival, Edward will present works-in-progress from his non-fiction video series The Life Cycle of Water.