COVID-19 Emergency Artist Grants

A list of emergency grants for artists facing medical or financial need during the outbreak.


Center for Cultural Innovation: SF Arts and Artists Relief Fund

For artists who have faced financial losses due to the shelter-in-place orders. Priority will be given to individuals and organizations from and working with vulnerable populations.

Eligibility: Individual artists must be full-time residents of San Francisco, not receiving unemployment benefits, should not be eligible for, or receiving unemployment benefits, and should not have received funds from this grant before.

Amount $2000 for artists, $25,000 for organizations
Deadline April 15, 5pm

Artist Relief Project

For any artist in any discipline whose income has been impacted by cancellations and losses due to COVID-19. Stipends will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Eligibility: Individuals pursuing art (in any discipline) as a career.

Amount varies
Deadline ongoing

Twenty Summers Emergency Art Fund

Compensation for artists and organizations who have lost contracts or employment due to COVID-19.

Eligibility: Individual artists or organizations

Amount $500 for artists, $1000 for organizations
Deadline unknown

The Photographer Fund

Direct monetary relief for self-employed photographers

Eligibility: Global photography community

Amount $500
Deadline unknown

The Safety Net Fund 

Direct monetary support prioritizing artists who make most of their income offline. 

 Eligibility: Artists must be residing in the Bay Area, have less than $1,000 income in the last 30 days, and not be eligible for unemployment.

Amount $500 
Deadline unknown 

Foundation for Contemporary Arts

For contemporary and experimental artists who have had performances or exhibitions cancelled because of Covid-19.

Eligibility: Individual artists living in the US. 

 Amount: $1000
Deadline: ongoing 

Artists Fellowship

 For professional visual artists who make their livelihood through arts sales and are facing sickness, natural disaster, bereavement or extreme hardship. 

 Eligibility: For artists with current, not anticipated, documented financial need.

Amount: varies
Deadline: ongoing

 CERF+ Craft Emergency Relief Fund 

For craft-based artists who are infected with Covid-19 and require intensive medical care. 

Eligibility: Artists must be legal US residents. 

 Amount: unknown 
Deadline: ongoing 

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

One-time grants for artists with medical emergencies.

Eligibility: Artists must be US citizens or legal residents who are not currently enrolled in a degree program. 

Amount: up to $5000
Deadline: ongoing 

 Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund

An emergency fund for artists of color. 

 Eligibility: Black, indigenous people of color who have been affected by Covid-19.

Amount: $200 
Deadline: ongoing 

 The Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant

One-time assistance for unforeseen, catastrophic incidents for painters, printmakers, and sculptors. 

 Eligibility: Artists must have at least ten years of professional artistic experience. 

Amount: up to $15,000 

Deadline: ongoing 

Musicians Foundation 

For musicians with acute need. 

 Eligiblity: Current residents of the US, who have worked here as professional musicians for at least 5 years. 

Amount: varies, typically from $500-$3000
Deadline: ongoing

Haven Foundation

For freelance art and entertainment professionals with career-threatening emergencies.

Eligibility: For persons or groups making at least 40% of their income from arts or entertainment over the past three years. Must be legal US residents. 

Amount: varies
Deadline: ongoing 

The Actors Fund 

For professional actors requiring emergency assistance 

Eligibility: A minimum of 5 years of industry experience 

Amount: varies 
Deadline: ongoing 

Sweet Relief Covid-19 Fund 

 For professional musicians affected by Covid-19 due to sickness or loss of work. 

 Eligibility: Documentation that at least 50% of artist’s income comes from the music industry. 

 Amount: varies
Deadline: ongoing 

Artists’ Charitable Fund

For artist’s with emergency medical issues. The organization pays out partial medical expenses. Payments are made directly to the medical provider and not to the artist.

Eligibility: Visual fine artists living in the United States.

Amount varies
Deadline unknown

 ConvertKit: The Creator Fund 

 For creators struggling during the Covid-19 outbreak. Can cover medical expenses, bills and other expenses. 

 Eligibility: Active creators who are able to provide receipts or invoices of expenses. 

 Amount: up to $500
Deadline: ongoing 

Patreon grant for artists

For artists affected by COVID-19.

Eligibility: Artists

Amount varies
Deadline unknown