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Juliana Mendonca

Artist Statement

I am a Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher. My research is mainly focused on the development of dance as a fundamental tool for self-knowledge, stimulating corporal expression, creativity and health. I am convinced that Dance, Yoga and Art play a very important role in the development of social connections, in our relationship with the environment and offers creative solutions that address the challenges that humanity faces at this moment.My experience as a teacher and choreographer has allowed me to develop teamwork skills and strategies which can be applied to any discipline in many work environments.


Venezuelan Contemporary Dance performer, choreographer and teacher. Graduated with a degree in dance from University Institute of Caracas, Venezuela (IUDANZA – UNEARTE) in 2005, she also served as an instructor at the Performing Arts Department of the University of the Andes, (U.L.A) in Mérida-Venezuela and at the Traditional Dance Program of the National University for the Arts (UNEARTE). In 2018-2019 she received certification in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Philosophy and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach by the Divine Values School, Ecuador and Dev Sanskriti University, India. In 2005, Juliana co-founded Raíz de Agua, a music and dance company. Since then, she has performed mostly as a solo artist with the Company and through dance has found a way to connect her creativity to spirit and nature, compounded with a unique feminine and artistic self-awareness. She has drawn influences from contemporary and popular dance styles such as Butoh, Latin Traditional Dances, Contact Dance Improvisation and Physical Theater, to find a unique language with which she can express and create powerful works of art and healing. For many years, water has represented a very important element in her understanding of fluidity and muscular relaxation, in 2016 she starded to study Taiso Noguchi (Japanese Technique) and the creative possibilities of movement in aquatic spaces. Currently she lives in Oakland, California and is dedicated to her dance projects Liquidanza, Latin Contact Dance and Raíz de Agua. She is also a teacher of Latin Rhythms and Yoga for children in Destiny Arts Center and other schools.

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