Music Studio Production

ARTogether, in cooperation with Oakland International High School- a public school that exclusively hosts newly-arrived immigrants- offers an after school Music Studio Production Workshop for students in this Oakland’s unique high school. The goal of the workshop is to teach students the basics of how music is currently produced in a studio environment, thereby developing the skills needed for them to create and produce on their own.

The class will explore music studio recording and production, giving students the tools they need to create and produce their own musical tracks, as well as experience performing their own music. Students will be encouraged to work within the musical styles they are familiar with, including music that relates back to their cultural roots, often involving non-anglophonic artists.

About the teacher: Tal Ariel is a music producer, composer, pianist and teacher, with a degree in Music and over 30 years experience in the field. His original compositions have been featured in film, theater, radio, commercials, and other media.Tal is also a community activist, with a particular focus on racism, immigrants rights, and inequality. In 2017, Tal started a music scholarship program, which offers free music instruction to people of color in the bay area.

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