Performing Arts


Led by Director & Music Teacher Nick Kanozik and Dance Teacher Olivia Eng, this program offers weekly classes in close collaboration with administration and teachers at Oakland International high school and Fremont High School. Held separately at each school throughout the school year, the weekly program creates a gathering space for refugee, immigrant, and fellow non-newcomer students to learn and explore the performing arts through different musical and dance styles and traditions together.

In each class, students are given the opportunity to:

  • Explore and learn about different performing arts styles together.
  • Have fun and participate in a communal dance and musical environment.
  • Learn about and explore art and culture from their own traditions and countries of birth, and share them with other students in the class.
  • Participate in a regular percussion circle, where music students can play rhythms alongside our dancing students.
  • Perform art in groups at school and public events.
  • Meet and learn from local artists, dancers and musicians, with at least 4 Guest Artists and Speakers joining activities each year.
  • Participate in field trips to local art venues, including music and dance performances.


Watch our recent televised news segment on
Univision to see one of our classes in action!

Music Director

Nicholas Kanozik is a multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, conductor, and composer. He unifies his skills through arts administration and education. He is committed to promoting multicultural music, interdisciplinary arts education, and reception of contemporary classical music. As an arts administrator, Kanozik has worked alongside artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Yo-Yo Ma, Emanual Ax, Regina Carter, the Left Coast Ensemble, the Kronos Quartet, and has stage-managed at the 2,100 capacity Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA. Nick has also worked to provide opportunities for Oakland’s youth at PIXAR studios, Pandora, YouTube, Google, and many others.

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