'Painful Silence' and 'A Path to Healing' Short Films

In collaboration with directors Nadim Badiee and Ido Bartana, ARTogether presents Painful Silence and A Path to Healing. Each exploring different stories of the Cambodian refugee experience in the East Bay, the short films are part of an ongoing film series that will soon include ARTogether’s upcoming project, Cambodian Voices in the Bay.

A Path to Healing

The ICE raids of 2019 saw the sudden attempted deportation of four Cambodian refugees, galvanizing Oakland’s Cambodian community to stand up and fight back. Tracing these events, A Path to Healing spotlights Cambodian members of CERI’s (the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants) community, the obstacles they face, and the variety of experiences felt by first- and second-generation Cambodian refugees living in Oakland.

This 30-minute documentary short was directed by Nadim Badiee, Ido Bartana and Elijah Chhum, and was produced by ARTogether.

Painful Silence

Directed by Nadim Badiee and Ido Bartana, Painful Silence traces the background and experiences of first-generation refugees living in Oakland. The short film was an official selection of the 2019 Documentary Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, and was the inspiration for ARTogether’s upcoming project, From Killing Fields to Sanctuary.

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