Women's Craft Circle

The Women’s Craft Circle seeks to bring women together through the healing power of craft-making. Using the art of embroidery, sewing, and other tactile crafts, women are able to relax in a welcoming space every week, connecting through a love for art and shared experiences. We laugh, we share, we enjoy music of our home countries, and on occasion we even dance!

ARTogether’s longest-running workshop series, the Women’s Craft Circle meets every week in a friendly environment and home-like setting, fostering a feeling of community and belonging. During the recent shelter-in-place ordinances, gatherings have been held weekly online via Zoom workshops.

If you or anyone you know has any new or gently used cotton fabric, elastics, or threads, please donate them to our project! We also appreciate donations of cash or gift cards in support. If you have a donation, please email info@artogether.org to arrange to drop off materials, or for someone to pick up your contribution.


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