Y(our) Legacy: A Printmaking Workshop

Y(our) Legacy is a 10-week printmaking workshop series designed to offer participants a creative practice towards their personal journey of self-acceptance and healing. Led by Oakland-based artist Sen Mendez, a.k.a. Queen Sen Sen, workshop participants are given ten small blocks to create a visual story about themselves and their personal journeys.

The vision of this workshop series is to offer a creative safe space for participants to explore symbolism and printmaking, recreating and reimagining the meaningful and sometimes-painful stories of our lives, bringing these moments forward to be honored and to help unleash inner growth. In the workshops, participants are asked to explore 10 symbols, using them in a transformational visual story of survival, resilience and self-acceptance. Through Y(our) Legacy, our goal is to show how our stories are not far from one another – your legacy becomes our legacy.

“Y(our) Legacy: A Printmaking Workshop” is a collaboration between Resistance Press Oakland and ARTogether. This workshop is made possible by supporting contributions from CiNEOLA and Frameline.

Sen Mendez, also known as Queen Sen Sen, is a non-binary fat artist born and raised in Oakland, California. Queen Sen Sen creates images of historical ancestors, celebrations of large bodies and visual storytelling as a way to dismantle systematic oppression among Indigenous, Black, Fat and Transgender bodies.

The Resistance Press is an art cooperative founded by two Oakland printmaking artists Queen Sen Sen and Cotton Turner. The coop uses art as a tool to promote wellness and healing in local communities. The Resistance Press’ goal is to offer job opportunities, resources and art residencies in communities directly impacted by systematic racism, police brutality and poverty.

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