Cambodian Voices in the Bay

Untitled Mural by Cambodian-American Artist Pat Kong

Cambodian Voices in the Bay is a three-part multimedia exhibition project that  spotlights the Cambodian community in the Bay Area. Featuring a new documentary, a photographic art exhibition, and an interactive website, the project seeks to highlight the stories and experiences of the East Bay’s Khmer community – a celebration and exploration of Khmer culture and history, and their under-heard place in California’s cultural fabric.

Explore the pages below for information about the Cambodian Voices in the Bay exhibition, and for information about Khmer culture and history. And stay tuned for more exhibition pages and upcoming events in the months ahead!

Coming Soon
Photo Exhibition
Khmer Highlights
Upcoming Events
Real-World Numbers
Meet the Team

This project is made possible with support from California Humanities.