a tiger with wings.

I think about this frequently: the way she embodied the definition of feminism, just not for herself. I think about how, in spite of my grandfather’s escapades amongst the intelligentsia; in spite of the lifelong respect he earned for being an activist for Korean independence during the Japanese occupation, it was my grandmother who ensured that he remained alive to fight another day …

Arise! For Women, Life, Freedom

Between Mission Street and Valencia Street, in the middle of a long line of beautiful murals, a woman waits for you. With her arms lifted above her head, she holds her ponytail in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. An Iranian flag is painted behind her but she is the focus. She looks down at the earth, her expression shaped by determination as she slices the sharp blades through her hair. Above her are the words, “Women, Life, Freedom…”

Pink Window Project Workshop with Badri Valian

Join us for a storytelling and art workshop with Badri Valian as part of her Pink Window project. The “Pink Window” project, started in 2019, is an ongoing interactive art project about childhood stories, in which participants join Badri in the reflection and sharing of their own childhood memories while painting pink windows–a symbol and image from Badri’s personal history. “Pink Window” aims to be a communal and creative space that encourages self-reflection, connection, and bridging across experiences.

The Way Back Launch Party

Join ARTogether and Foglifter in celebrating the release of Edward Gunawan’s Start A Riot! Chapbook Prize–winning chapbook The Way Back with readings, music, and conversation!

ARTogether Center’s Opening Night

Join us for the opening of the ARTogether Center in Downtown Oakland. This is a celebration of ARTogether’s first physical venue, as well as the launch of our exhibition and event series with a solo gallery show of Somaieh Amini’s series “تَعلقِ گُسیخته  (Ruptured Belonging).” This event will feature a live singing performance from the artist, poetry, refreshments and more. 

A Mental Health Journey through the Press Play Webcomic

I first stumbled across Edward Gunawan and Elbert Lim’s exhibit, Press Play, at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) during their annual Celebrate Asian Love Gala and Auction. The installation was a quiet retreat from the lively conversations and festivities taking place in the main room…

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