Goli Hashemi on Adaptive Art

What excites ARTogether board member Goli Hashemi about art is how adaptive it can be. Goli leads ARTogether’s Expressive Arts-Based Occupational Therapy Program at Oakland International High School (OIHS). This

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Welcome Angeera and Christine!

We are excited to announce the two newest members of the ARTogether family: Angeera Khadka, who will oversee our Artist Support program, and Christine No, who is overseeing the growth of our Advocacy program. Although Angeera and Christine come to us from different backgrounds, they have a similar love for art and compassion for the refugee community. After immigrating from Nepal as a child, Angeera became engaged in an art center’s programming that cut through the alienation she felt from uprooting.

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a tiger with wings.

I think about this frequently: the way she embodied the definition of feminism, just not for herself. I think about how, in spite of my grandfather’s escapades amongst the intelligentsia; in spite of the lifelong respect he earned for being an activist for Korean independence during the Japanese occupation, it was my grandmother who ensured that he remained alive to fight another day …

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Filling In Spaces

Imagine going to a mall and seeing, between the teenagers and restaurants, art. That is one artist’s vision of the future. Andrea Guskin, artist, educator, curator, and San Leandro resident believes bringing art to commercial spaces is one step in making the Bay Area a more welcoming home to artists. She calls this art invasion the Filling In Spaces project.

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Understanding Grants 101

This interactive two-hour workshop facilitated by Resourceful Roots LLC will give participants a basic understanding of grants and the grant application process. The workshop covers the fundamentals of the grant

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Artist Meetup

Join us for our first in-person Artist Meet-up of the year! Hosted at our new ARTogether Center in downtown Oakland, Artist Meet-ups will be a space for immigrant, refugee, and BIPOC artists to get to know each other, talk about their works-in-progress, bounce ideas off each other and collaborate, and listen to occasional guest speakers in the art field.

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