More Community Workshops & Events

Since 2017, ARTogether has offered art workshops and creative activities in a setting that supports creativity, human connection, and community-building. Our workshops provide welcoming, creative spaces for refugees and immigrants to meet, connect, and build lasting connections with others in the community. Since we began our programs, ARTogether has offered over 200 workshops, camps, events, and gathering spaces for our community members.

Below are some of ARTogether’s past and present community workshops and events. To learn more, you can read all about ARTogether’s programs in our annual reports.

Y(our) Legacy is a 10-week printmaking workshop series designed to offer participants a creative practice towards their personal journey of self-acceptance and healing. Led by Oakland-based artist Sen Mendez, a.k.a. Queen Sen Sen, workshop participants are given ten small blocks to create a visual story about themselves and their personal journeys.

The Expressive Art Class for Kids is a creative gathering space for kids ages 6-11 from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to express themselves through art and creative activities. In weekly classes, students explore activities such as free drawing, foldable self-portraits, painting, movement exercises, meditation, creating sensory boards and sensory bottles, free dance, freeze tag, and other fun interactive activities that will let youth explore art without pressure or strict rules. In each class, activity leaders follow the principle of guiding, not telling; letting kids be kids in a stress-free environment that nurtures creativity and exploration.

ARTogether’s longest-running workshop series, the Women’s Craft Circle seeks to bring women together through the healing power of craft-making. Using the art of embroidery, sewing, and other tactile crafts, women are able to relax in a welcoming space every week, connecting through a love for art and shared experiences. We laugh, we share, we enjoy music of our home countries, and on occasion we even dance!

Monthly Art Contest for Kids

To get our youngest members excited about drawing, painting and film at home, ARTogether has hosted a monthly art contest for children and young adults aged 5–17. Students are delivered art supplies for free on request, and all participants receive a prize for sending in their entries, with a new theme each month to inspire their art.

CommUnity Quilt Project

Our community quilt-making project brings children and adults to a welcoming space to create a beautiful piece of quilted art together. Led by artist Polina Marso and held at the Jewish Contemporary Art Museum, the workshop brings together members of the community for an afternoon of joyful creativity and celebration.

Watercoloring Workshop

A free watercolor workshop series for refugees, immigrants and their allies. Offered in collaboration with StoryCenter, these Zoom workshops are a creative space for the communities of refugees, immigrants and their allies, to paint, chat, listen to music, and share stories.

Salsa, Bachata and Merengue

A class designed for beginner students to learn and enjoy three popular Latin dance styles of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Classes are taught by Venezuelan dance instructor Juliana Mendonca, who’s non-traditional approach to dance teaches her students to connect to their body and to connect to the rhythms before getting to the steps and turns. This foundation helps one to loosen their hips, knees, shoulders and arms to allow each student to get their own authentic feel for each genre and its unique rhythm.

Wellness and Origami

The healing and artistic beauty of origami. Our workshop explores the space of origami art, in its paper-based creations and its connection to health and wellbeing. In each workshop, participants will gather in a circle to make their origami art together, taking time and space to find their personal intersection of peace and art. Workshops do not require any experience in origami art, and encourage all ages and skill levels to come and participate.

Aromatherapy Workshop

A peaceful, grounding, scent-based adventure through the senses. Our Aromatherapy Workshop is an exploration of the world of scents – beautiful herbs, flowers, essential oils. Each workshop we gather to take time aside, relax, and get acquainted with the world of aromas. Join us as we explore the world of aromatherapy, the benefits of natural resources over chemical alternatives, and how to create easy-to-make room sprays, body scrubs, and other natural cosmetics.

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